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General copyright conditions

The data portrayed on this website, including texts,
photos, illustrations, graphic material, (trading) names, logos,
trade and service marks, are the property of or licensed to Priva
B.V. and are protected by copyright, trademark and/or other
intellectual property right. The listed rights are not transferred
in any way to (legal) persons who access this site. The user of the
site is not permitted to duplicate, copy, transmit, distribute or
revise the content of the site.

E-mail communication disclaimer

This email message and any attachment is exclusively
intended for the addressee(s) and is strictly confidential or
otherwise legally protected. The views or opinions contained in
this message are exclusively those of the writer and are by
definition not those of Priva. If you are not the addressee, we
request that you return this message and any attachment to the
sender and delete and destroy all copies. Priva is not liable for
viruses in this email message and/or any attachment. Priva cannot
be held responsible or liable for and/or in connection with the
consequences of and/or damage arising from improper, incomplete
and/or untimely dispatch and receipt of the contents of this
message. The General Conditions of Priva Agro or Priva Building
Intelligence apply to orders to Priva. These can be found on this
page under the heading “Terms of Delivery” and are available in
downloadable PDF format.

Website communication disclaimer
Usage conditions of the

The use of this site is subject to the following
general conditions. You are expected to familiarise yourself with
them. The content of the site (including hyperlinks) may be
altered, amended, added to or deleted without warning or

Use of the site

The website has been created with consideration and care. We
strive to ensure that all information is as complete, correct,
comprehensible, accurate and up-to-date as possible. Despite our
continuing efforts, we cannot guarantee that the information made
available is complete, correct, accurate or up-to-date. If the
information supplied on (or through) the site exhibits
shortcomings, we shall make the greatest possible effort to correct
it as quickly as possible. We cannot be held liable for direct or
indirect damage arising from the use of the site or the information
made available through the site.

Protection of personal data

We place great importance on the protection of personal data. The
majority of the information is available on or through the site
without the need to supply personal data. However, in certain cases
personal information may be requested from you. In that case, the
data will be handled in accordance with the stipulations of privacy
laws. In this respect, we make the following guarantees: Your
personal data shall only be collected and processed in order to
provide you with information you requested or to achieve the online
service you desire. The processing of your data remains restricted
to the intended purpose. Your personal data shall not be made
available to third parties nor used by third parties for
direct-marketing purposes. We take the best possible safety
measures to prevent third parties misusing your personal data. The
site uses “cookies”. These are small files that are automatically
stored on your computer’s hard drive. On each visit, this
information is sent back to the website administrator and grants
access to the site and simplifies the navigation and makes this run
more quickly and more efficiently.

Hyperlinks and references

On or through this site you are referred to other websites using
(hyper)links, and are referred to other information sources managed
by third parties. In this case, we do not have any technical
control or control regarding content or any authority, and are
therefore unable to offer any guarantee as to the completeness or
correctness of the content, nor as to the availability of these
websites and information sources. The hyperlinks to other sites
contained within this site do not constitute an endorsement of the
external site or its content in any way. The links are offered to
you for informational purposes and for your ease of use.
Intellectual property rights You have the right to consult,
download and reproduce the information on this website for personal
use, provided you state the source, in accordance with the
stipulations of the laws on copyright and other rights. Prior
permission is always required for the reproduction or use of
multimedia information (sound, image, software, etc.). For
reproduction of information you can get in touch with the
administrator of the site.