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In 1959, Priva began importing hot-air heaters for greenhouse horticulture under the name Valk en Prins. Its 'Hylo-salamander' was an unbridled success: it was the first step in controlling the climate within greenhouses. Priva has evolved into the current global market leader in climate control and process management in the horticulture sector.

First climate computer

In 1977, Priva introduced its first climate computer for the horticulture sector. This was an enormous step forward in the field of process management. It was the first climate computer to combine control of the climate, energy and water dosing.

Building management

In 1983, Priva developed a simple building management system based on its successful horticultural control technology. Today, Priva is a leader in the Dutch building controls market. Priva products are used to manage the indoor environments of one in three commercial buildings in the Netherlands - and Priva's presence on the international building controls market is growing rapidly.

Van Beek

Since 2001, our sister organization, Van Beek in Arnhem, has been part of the Priva group. Van Beek has been active in the field of energy monitoring for more than 25 years. Priva and Van Beek form a powerful partnership that offers its customers state-of-the-art ways to achieve optimal energy efficiency in industry and the built environment.

Priva Campus

In 2007, Priva opened its environmentally-friendly head office in De Lier, Netherlands. The Priva Campus building - one of the first carbon-neutral buildings in the Netherlands - provides a striking symbol of Priva's sustainable credentials.

Businesswoman of the Year

In 2009, Priva's CEO Meiny Prins was honoured with the 'Prix Veuve Clicquot' Businesswoman of the Year title. The prestigious prize, awarded annually in 17 countries, is given to recognise female entrepreneurship and management.

CleanTech Star WWF

In 2009, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) awarded Priva the first ever CleanTech Star, for its contributions to sustainability in business and horticulture. The award includes the requirement that its winner must continue to contribute to an environmentally-friendly world and serve as a role model for new and existing businesses in the clean energy sector - a challenge that Priva is keen to accept.