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The power of the Priva Horticulture Partner Network

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Your horticultural project carried out by the partner that’s right for you
The power of the Priva Horticulture Partner Network

When you're looking for technical products for your horticulture company, your choice will be based on various criteria. Price/quality ratio, reliability, user-friendliness, service - these are all important factors, but so is the organisation that will be delivering and installing the solutions.

Do you opt for a Priva Partner or a Priva Full Service Partner?

Every horticulture company is unique. You will benefit from finding a partner that is the best fit for your project and your organisation. The Priva Horticulture Partner Network consists of more than 100 companies throughout the world. All of these partners have the right knowledge and skills in-house to get the best possible performance from your Priva products. Each partner is unique and can offer their own added value in this process.

Priva Partners are installers who have been certified by Priva. This means that they possess extensive, demonstrable knowledge of Priva products, which they commission on a daily basis. Training and experience are important.

Priva Full Service Partners are more than just installers. They add extra value in the form of extensive knowledge and custom solutions for your project, such as project management, hardware / software engineering and aftercare. A Priva Full Service Partner will always have several certified engineers on its payroll, so continuity is guaranteed.

Priva Full Service Partners:
-          Brinkman Hungary Kft
-          Brinkman International B.V.
-          Brinkman Tuinbouwtechniek B.V.
-          Royal Brinkman Espana S.L.
-          Certhon
-          Cogas Zuid B.V.
-          Danvan A/S
-          T. Stolze Installatietechniek B.V.
-          Stolze Agro International B.V.
-          Stolze Mexico SA de CV
-          Stolze SL
-          Oy Schetelig AB Narpas
-          Oy Schetelig AB Vantäa
-          Schetelig CE s.r.o.
-          Zoa Schetelig Rus

As an end user, you can choose from a worldwide partner network and select the Priva Partner or Priva Full Service Partner that is the best fit for your organisation, your project and your way of working.

When you choose to work with a Priva Partner or Priva Full Service Partner, you are choosing an organisation that Priva stands behind and that is supported by Priva.

Priva Academy

Knowledge is inextricably linked with people, and it must be possible to demonstrate the possession of this knowledge. For this reason, Priva also arranges for the individual certification of engineers. The engineers are invited via the Priva Academy to take part in training courses in the areas of climate, water, energy and management. The certified engineers are supported directly by Priva and are regularly provided with mandatory update training. These (online) training courses ensure that they are up to speed with the state of the art knowledge and are a requirement for the maintenance of their certified status.

55 years' knowledge of automation in the horticulture industry

Priva aims for long-term cooperation, so this way of working is nothing new for Priva. Together with our partners, we have gathered over 55 years' knowledge and experience. Via your Priva Partner or Priva Full Service Partner you will have access to a network of experienced engineers and a wealth of knowledge of technical applications for your horticulture company.