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Air Recirculation

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Air Recirculation

Improved crop activity and energy savings

Priva’s broad palette of products also contains products for air recirculation in the horticulture sector.

Air Recirculation

The Priva Digital Fans or Priva ECO Fans are efficient fans for a parallel or serial ventilation system. Suitable for every crop. The use of these two types of air recirculation – for above the crop – depends on which type of greenhouse you have. You can determine the most suitable system together with the Priva specialists.

Air recirculation results in the air flow in the greenhouse remaining at a constant and calm level; it equalizes the greenhouse climate. As a result of this air movement, the leaf dries more quickly and,moreover, it is better able to dispose of its moisture. This gives moulds less chance.

The major advantage of the Priva Digital Fan is that the speed of these fans is the same everywhere. This allows you to achieve an even better distribution of air. This is possible because of the digital control and unique speed feedback from each fan. If you use these fans in combination with control by the Priva process computer (Intégro or Connext) you will have the ideal concept.

Whichever Priva fan you choose, you will create the ideal air recirculation for your crop. 

Air tubes

Whether your greenhouse already exists, or if you are building a new greenhouse, Priva can optimize the cultivation climate in your greenhouse. How? By using fans that are suspended underneath the cultivation troughs and are linked to Priva air tubes. This creates an air flow underneath the crop, and a slow, vertical air movement through the crop. This allows you to limit the use of the heating capacity at the bottom. Result: diseases and moulds have less chance to develop. Combined with the activation of the crop this can result in higher production, and you will save energy because the use of a minimum water temperature can be limited.