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Climate Sensors

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Climate Sensors

The head start from exact measurements

Priva’s climate sensors have been specially developed for the horticulture sector. They stand out in terms of accuracy, reliability and functionality. The information collected by the sensors is seamlessly integrated into your process computer. This allows you to control your processes intelligently.

Advanced measuring

In this way the traditional Priva measuring box (T + RH) measures the relative air humidity and the temperature per compartment per greenhouse. The E-measuring box, the electronic measuring box, goes one step further. It is a highly advanced instrument for measuring the temperature, relative air humidity and – in a separate module – the CO2 content electronically. The Priva E-Measuring box, with the CO2-module if desired, is intended for quick, accurate measurements.
CO2 is of vital importance to the growth of plants. This makes monitoring the CO2 indispensible in a greenhouse. The Priva CO2 Monitor is a digital meter that not only measures the carbon dioxide concentration, but also monitors the level of it as well. The monitor measures using air that is drawn in; with a CO2-selector this can be done for multiple locations.

The plant in vision

You measure every detail of the climate in your greenhouse and control it from minute to minute. But do you measure at plant level too? With the Priva plant temperature camera you can gain precise insight into the transpiration from your crop, the cell-division speed, cell differentiation (generative/vegetative) and cell stretching. This allows you to make even better adjustments and achieve the highest yield from your horticulture automation and your crop. In addition, our Priva vent position sensor is a useful tool for this; it measures the position of the vents and forwards them to your process computer. This allows you to control the ventilation in the greenhouse extremely accurately.

PAR light can also be measured 24/7 with the Priva PAR sensor. Based on the light quantity from the PAR sensor, the Priva Connext or Intégro calculates how you can use shading curtains and the growing light for the best result