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Priva FS Performance

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Priva FS Performance

Increase the insight into your company

How do you compare production, climate and labour data and make it into sensible and reliable information? Even more complex, how do you do this when you have several sites? Can you still make important business decisions even with a lack of time on your hands? Do you want to rely on your managers to provide you with information? Priva FS Performance is about to make your life easier.

The innovative management information system, Priva FS Performance, integrates data from your installations and different sites and turns it into transparent information. With one press of the button, you look at the real-time progress and you make quicker decisions. It brings unification and confidence to every manager, no matter the size of your company.


Optimizing of production

Optimizing production requires detailed insight into a large number of factors. What is the yield per m2 this year and what was it last year? And what is it at the other locations? Can any differences be explained based on data about climate, water dosage, EC or amount of light? What measures can contribute to an even better performance? Priva FS Performance allows you to create clear overviews and reports of the cumulative harvest in relation to the greenhouse climate and the outside conditions.

Labour as a stable factor

The most important production factor in your company is labour. Registering all employees entails an enormous administrative burden. With Priva FS Performance you enter all (including temporary) employees once without losing
valuable time in the greenhouse. A new employee reporting for work can get started quickly and efficiently. With Priva FS Performance you can follow the progress of your employees from right behind your desk, both on quality and quantity. At all of your sites. This lets you make timely adjustments where necessary. This results in more consistent labour and a constant quality of your product and satisfied customers. In addition to this, you can create a reliable labour planning,
providing employee guidance.

Energy management

Energy will continue to be an increasing cost over the next few years. It is important to keep a close eye on your energy consumption. CO2 output is becoming an increasing concern. The use of the CHP and buffers must be optimal. Priva FS Performance provides you the information you need to make the right decisions about your energy management.

Modular system

Priva FS Performance is a modular built- up system. This means that you can have a solution adapted to your needs and
wishes, no matter the size of your company. Moreover, Priva FS Performance can be expanded with a number of useful
modules such as: Priva FS Analysis, Priva FS Crop Registration and Priva FS Crop Prognosis.