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Priva Fusion

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Priva Fusion

Get more information out of your company

Modern horticulture companies are becoming larger and more complex. More and more knowledge is required to run a company successfully; data is of immeasurable value in doing so. You use your own knowledge and experience, data about your cultivation and crop, and about the productivity and quality of your employees. In addition, data about business operations and the settings required for the greenhouse climate, the water management and energy management are just as important. Whatever crop you cultivate, you require specific (management) information to react and control in a targeted manner.

Information becomes knowledge to control

Priva Fusion – the management and information system – converts all desired and required data into useful information. You increase your knowledge using a single system, and because of the modular structure of the system you can choose the modules that suit your company – whether it is labour planning, crop registration or energy management.

Priva Fusion combines all – even manually entered – data from various systems. This highlights mutual connections enabling you to take well-founded decisions. Priva Fusion allows you to amass more knowledge in a simple way, so that you can control the processes and your employees better, and tailoring it to your company.

From labour registration,labour planning and payroll to
harvest prognosis

Priva Fusion compares and analyses data from various systems and manufacturers with each other – as a central database. You can create reports, analyse, continuously see the state of your company and involve your employees in the production process. You can link various modules to it to suit your requirements:

  • Labour Planning – increases the efficiency of your
  • Dashboard – see the state of your company at a glance
  • Information Display – involve your employees in the
  • Quality Evaluation – know the standard of the work that your
    employees are delivering
  • Environmental Registration – cut down your administration of
    crop protection and crop fertilisation
  • Harvest Prognosis – improve your insight into the growth and
    development of your crop
  • Crop Registration – get to know your crop better
  • Personnel File – do away with files and paper
  • Business Operations – get your finances in order
  • Analyse – see through the mutual connections and
  • Online – interactive platform for greenhouse horticulture