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Priva Weather Station

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Priva Weather Station

Accurate response to the elements

Insight into your climate will make or break the success of your crop. The correct timing of a response to changes in that climate – sun, rainfall, wind – is crucial. The Priva Weather Station is the tool for this, with sensors that faultlessly measure radiation, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, RH and temperature.

Centrally controlled 

The Priva Weather Station forwards the data to the process computer (Connext or Intégro), together with all details such as the quantity of sunlight for plant growth, energy and heat. All of this centrally stored current data allows you to take quick and targeted action. The Weather Station can be extended with sensors including various types of light sensor.

Rainfall and snow 

The Weather Station monitors the full range of weather conditions. This allows you to combine the Priva Rainfall Intensity Sensor and the Rainfall Sensor. Based on the messages from the Rainfall Sensor, indicating the presence of rain, the Rainfall Intensity Sensor then controls your vent positions via the process computer. This allows you to make quick decisions based on up-to-date data.

The Priva Snow Detector registers the quantity of snow in the gutters. At the correct moment the process computer ensures an adjustment in the heating, screens or growing lights to melt the snow cover. The result, almost no loss of light and you prevent the roof collapsing.

Light and air

The light and air humidity can also be measured 24/7 using the Priva PAR Sensor and the Priva Outside RH Sensor. Based on the light quantity from the PAR sensor the Priva Connext or Intégro calculates how you can use shading screens and the growing lights for the best results.

The Outside RH Sensor does the same for the air humidity: the greenhouse climate can be accurately controlled based on the comparison of the inside and outside measurement. You can easily mix-in or exclude outside air; this too is contemporary horticulture automation.

Save energy 

Your glasshouse, the crop and the soil are continuously radiating heat but this causes them to lose energy and cool down. The Priva Irradiation Sensor is a very advanced sensor that measures the radiation of heat from the greenhouse to the sky. Clever use of your shading – based on measurements from the Irradiation Sensor – saves you a great deal of energy.