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The modular design of PrivAssist leaves you free to choose the solution that best suits your company and the way you work. Whether this is labour registration, product registration or both, and whatever data – from crop to harvest – you want to register. The system can also easily grow along with you. With PrivAssist you are choosing specific modules, but at the same time it is a total solution that allows you to register information in detail and to intervene where necessary.

Detailed yet simple

Using the mobile PrivAssist Terminals and fixed PrivAssist Consoles your employees in the glasshouses can enter individual details about labour and production. Registration takes place through connections between the terminal and the console. If necessary, you can always retrieve and display an intermediate status; you can display it to your employees too. This gives you insight into the following at all times:

  • Production per location and substrate
  • Productivity
  • Quality per employee and container
  • Cost price per job
  • Observe any differences
  • Individual intervention

This allows you to intervene where necessary. PrivAssist makes both your harvest prognosis and long-term labour planning a little easier.

Extensive interface options

Even if you work with other systems, working with and expanding PrivAssist is not a problem. PrivAssist interfaces with various weighing solutions, such as the PrivAssist Hoist Weigher, the PrivAssist Weighbridge, the PrivAssist Container Identification System and almost all devices in glasshouse horticulture; such as graders, production counters, transport trollies and complete systems from various manufacturers.

The Priva dedicated server guarantees uninterrupted operation of all Priva software. Here too you can select the server that suits your requirements: a basic server or a virtual server, and with the Priva Mobile you can enter and add a wide range of details manually from your PDA or smartphone if you like.

Valuable investment

Whichever module you choose, the data is, of course, available immediately. Naturally, all systems are easy to operate and to read. In addition, you will quickly recover your investment in PrivAssist products: because you work more efficiently and save 5% to 10% on labour costs.