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Water Sensors

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Water Sensors

Know on your crop, control your crop

You want to check and control the watering of your crop as accurately as possible. The correct EC and pH are essential factors for the healthy growth of your crop. Measuring both the EC and the pH as well as the flow accurately allows you to give your crop the right amount of nutrients. Priva supplies a range of sensors you can use to ensure the watering system starts at exactly the right time. This gives you more control over your crop, the production and together with this, naturally, your yield.

Advanced control of EC and pH

The Priva process computer (Intégro or Connext) checks  and controls the EC and the pH using dual EC and pH sensors. The flow sensor also plays a major role in this. This, together with the EC and pH measurement, determines the unique Priva pre-calculation of the desired EC and pH dosing rates.  Then, based on those dual EC and pH sensors, the process computer simultaneously corrects for deviations from your desired recipe target levels.

You can use the Priva pressure sensors for optimal water management in, amongst other things, your water storage tanks and fertiliser stock tanks.

Targeted watering and fertigation

Priva’s Drain Sensor System quickly and accurately measures both the exact quantity and the EC value of the drain water from a substrate (mineral wool or Perlite for example). This form of drain measurement is eminently suitable for use in combination with the Priva Groscale. These two sensors, in combination with the software of the Priva RootOptimizer, give you the opportunity to automatically optimise the water dose to the growing conditions (crop state and type of substrate). This is done based on the plant’s requirements. If desired, this can even be done per growing section, whatever the crop.

The Groscale  bases all measurements on the weight of the growing medium. The difference between the weight increase and weight decrease and the drain quantity is an indicator of the transpiration and growth. The Priva Groscale and the Drain Sensor System require special drain gutters which Priva supplies in various lengths.