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Crop and harvest registration and analysis solution

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The total solution for automatic registration in the horticulture sector

The success of your greenhouse horticulture company is largely dependent on an accurate crop registration and harvest registration and analysis system. The data that this allows you to generate is of major significance in gaining insight into your core business – from the state of your crop to any diseases, and from the quality to the quantity of the harvest. This type of data provides you with information about the current state of affairs and it forms the basis for thorough short and long term planning.

Manual registration a thing of the past

In the past, registration was done manually. The grower analysed the available information based on this and his own experience, and it is still happening today. This method no longer suffices for today’s growers. The competition is too great, the company is growing. You want to be able to measure and have insight into your crop’s growth process everywhere and at all times; quantitatively and qualitatively, and preferably per location, substrate, container and per employee, so that you can capitalize on developments in the most targeted manner possible.

Total solution

Priva’s total solution means that you have all of the plant characteristics at your fingertips. You can easily compare the current details with earlier data and this is even possible between several sites. Both crop registration and harvest registration are automatically forwarded to the central computer. The reports and analyses that you can create based on this give a firm grounding for a sound harvest prognosis.

Linking data about the harvested product, the employee working on harvesting and the actions carried out is, of course, also possible. With these options Priva provides you with a complete overview of your crop, harvest and labour.

Modular horticulture automation

Within the solution Priva provides various products and modules for crop and harvest registration. This allows you to register and analyse your crop and harvest and to make a prognosis that best suits your needs, and by integrating these products in Priva Fusion you can even link the data to other relevant data, about labour registration or energy management for example. This allows you to control the processes and your employees better.