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Labour registration and analysis solution

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Detailed registration of labour and production in the widest sense

A successful greenhouse horticulture company cannot do without an accurate registration and analysis system. Whether it is labour planning or production details. This type of data is of major significance in obtaining insight into the current state of affairs, and they form the basis for short and long term planning.

Individual monitoring leads to better group performance

Labour is an expensive factor in the total costs of your company. It is therefore important that you can accurately register and analyse various data about labour within your company. You want to be able to measure and have insight into the production and labour performances in your company at all times – preferably per individual employee; qualitatively and quantitatively, and preferably per location, substrate and container, so that you can easily make adjustments and your personnel can work as efficiently as possible – with the right people in the right place.

It is important for you to have insight into the following details per employee:

  • Harvesting speed
  • Quantity of harvested product
  • Quality of harvested product

Total solution

Priva’s workplace automation provides you with a solution that allows you to make savings and improve labour and production. The data that you require is registered manually or automatically at the workplace, and you can retrieve it at any time of the day, both in the greenhouse and in the office. Making (some of) the data visible to the employees centrally allows you to motivate the group and individual employees even better; this will cause the group performance to rise. In this way you can achieve a better return from the same group or the same return with fewer people.

Modular system

Priva’s various products and modules allow you to register and analyse your labour in the way that best suits your company, and by integrating these products in Priva Fusion you can even link the data to other relevant data, about crop registration or energy management for example. This allows you to control the processes and your employees better.