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Management information

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All data converted into usable information

Do you know how to interpret and use the enormous amount of data that is available in your company in the correct manner? The trick is to make all data as clear as possible so that you can also use it; so that you can make the right decision at the right time based on the data that is available. Priva’s modular horticulture automation makes management information available down to the smallest detail.

From data to information

There are so many aspects of a greenhouse horticulture company that impact on each other. You want to use your employees as efficiently as possible. Good labour registration is a must for this, and you want to be able to follow your workers, preferably by path and individually. Using path registration allows you to follow both the growth and harvesting process of your crop and the performances of your individual employee(s), and with Priva’s registration systems you can automatically count and register your crop, and diseases and infestations are reported automatically. This makes good product registration, crop registration and harvest registration a fact.

With the Priva solution all data from these various processes are transformed into information you can do something with. The enormous quantity of data is analysed and the right information is clear at a glance. Based on this management information it is now up to you to make your harvest prognosis and adjust your planning.

Horticulture automation of the future

Horticulture automation therefore covers much more than the registration of labour, product, crop and harvest, and it is also more than systems, applications, sensors and meters to create a climate and manage your energy and water consumption. The horticulture automation of the future is about the right way to link all of these systems, and about the ease with which you can use the information that has been obtained. This allows you to have a wealth of information available, on the basis of which you can take immediate action and be optimally prepared for the future. Priva is happy to help you do this.