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Water Management

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Water means life; healthy water means your crops will grow. This has a direct effect on the financial health of your company. In an environment where healthy growth – of your crop and your company – takes centre stage, it is important that the (various) water flows are optimally controlled, and that the correct quantities of fertilisers are administered at the same time.

Priva supplies automated watering systems that allow you to efficiently dose high-quality irrigation water and to recirculate it safely.

Pre-treatment:  good quality and safe irrigation water

Responsible and economical water management starts with the correct pre-treatment of the water.

HD-UV disinfection is a very reliable water disinfection method: it uses little energy, is safe for the environment and is low-maintenance. Moreover, it prevents the spread of pathogens.

If the pH is too high or too low the plant cannot extract the fertilisers from the water. Priva’s watering system allows you to fine tune the bicarbonate content so that a stable pH is achieved. The EC pre-mixing allows you to reuse the drain water to the greatest possible extent; this is mixed with the necessary ratio of fresh water before the fertilisers are added.

Fertigation: supply and demand

You want to be able to administer the correct quantities of nutrients to achieve growth. Whatever the needs of your crops, the fertigation must be flexible and straightforward, because you want to use sophisticated dosing of liquid and solid fertilisers. Priva controls this with stable EC and pH; at the correct pH the plants absorb the fertilisers efficiently, and a stable EC ensures better growth in the glasshouse and a longer shelf-life in the supply chain.

With Priva’s sophisticated watering systems you can even have the plant itself determine the time at which watering takes place: the result, a healthy root system with a higher yield.

Essentially, watering that is tuned to the circumstances, the state of the crop and the type of substrate.

Water recirculation

Would you like to save water by recirculating longer and still grow an even healthier crop? Save on fertilisers at the same time? The Priva systems disinfect the drain water. This is even more effective using a combination of HD-UV and oxidation; growth inhibitors and other harmful substances are broken down more effectively.

Priva’s water management system allows you to create a closed-loop system for healthy growth.

Naturally, this system can be expanded with other automated Priva systems. Examples of this are climate control, process management, crop and harvest registration and analysis, labour registration and analysis and management information.