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First Priva dealer training of 2013 a big success

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21 May 2013 10:47

Priva International Beijing has planned for 2013 to organize regular technical training sessions for current as well as future Priva dealers. Goal of this technical training is to increase the dealer’s capacity to install and fine-tune Priva products and provide after sales services. By offering this kind of training to the dealers, Priva aims to further strengthen the network of Priva dealers and after sales services in the Asian market. Through a strong dealer network, Priva can offer better and faster pre- and after sales services to the end customers.

The first Priva dealer training took place last January in the office of Priva International Beijing. During a period of three days, Priva Engineer Shi Zhanhu trained a group of dealers from Taiwan and Beijing. The training consisted of a study of the hard & software of the Maximizer Climate Control System, the Nutri Fit and Nutri Fit HX irrigation units, as well as the Priva Office operating software. The training included a number of practical examples to further understand the Priva solutions, and the participant also had to complete some practical exercises.

The training also contained a field trip to the Beijing Xiaotangshan Demonstration Park, where Priva solutions are installed in two projects: one project is the 2006 project by Beijing Orient Irrigation, where tomatoes and anthuriums are grown using the Maximizer Climate Control System, the Nutri Fit Irrigation System and corresponding sensors.

At the other project tomatoes are grown in a 2012 turn-key project where Beijing Ruixue Global Technology delivered the design, installation and after service for Priva equipment, including the Connext Climate Control System, the Nutri Fit Irigation System, the Vialux Disinfection System and corresponding sensors.

Having completed this technical dealer training, participants have a basic understanding of what the necessary conditions are in the greenhouse before being able to do the installation and fine-tuning of an automated control system. They have also learned what the most important attention points are during installation, fine-tuning and after sales.

For example: how to install a weather station. In what direction should the sensors be placed to measure the outdoor temperature, light, rainfall, wind direction and wind speed? What’s the relation between up and down?

What should the dealer pay attention to when designing the electricity cabinet, the lay-out of the pipelines or the irrigation room? When and how should sensors be maintained and calibrated? If a problem occurs, how do I find the cause and how do I come up with a solution?

As the participants came from different regions and different companies, there was a lot of free exchange of information and opinions on business opportunities during the breaks between the technical training sessions.

After the participants finished the training, they received their training certificate from Priva Beijing General Manager Oscar Niezen, who thanked them for their effort, but also for the fact that they found time – even with very busy schedules – to participate in this training.

Oscar also expressed that Priva will keep on supporting our dealers and will continue to organise these training sessions on a regular basis. “We hope that the participants will take this training as an opportunity to keep on learning and developing their skills, and that through cooperation on future projects we will strengthen their capacity to install Priva products.”

If the technical skills of the dealers reach a certain level, it will be possible to join training sessions that are organized at Priva head quarters in The Netherlands. Dealers that participate in the Priva training sessions will be able to offer better pre- and after sales services to our mutual customers.

Priva Beijing will make sure to announce when the next training session will take place, so everyone pay close attention!


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