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Creating a climate for growth!

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20 June 2016 7:16

Priva is evolving rapidly: we are preparing for the world of tomorrow. With our solutions for climate and process control for the horticulture industry and the built environment, we create a climate for growth; solutions that enable people and plants to function optimally.

We foresee great challenges in the near future in terms of world population growth, urbanization and food supply, and we believe that the combination of our knowledge of the horticulture industry and our knowledge of buildings can provide a unique contribution to the creation of sustainable, circular economies in cities: Sustainable Urban Deltas. A world that we create together:  we look outwards and seek to connect with companies and share our knowledge.

A future-oriented vision and mission also demands a future-oriented visual identity. Our familiar logo is therefore changing into a window on the world. This does not mean we are becoming a new or different Priva. On the contrary, Priva will still be the company you are used to: ready for the world of today and tomorrow, with experience from the past, knowledge of the present and a vision for the future!

We invite you to take a look with us through our window on the world.  We will show you how we see the world: what challenges we face and how our solutions can provide a contribution to Sustainable Urban Deltas.

PRIVA - New Identify

Our website will retain its familiar appearance for the moment, but behind the screens we are also working on a new digital environment. Here’s a sneak preview:



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